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Australian Passports - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Passports - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need to come to the embassy to lodge an application for an Adult Passport ?

All requests for passports must be lodged in person.  There are no exceptions. 

If you live a fair distance from Lisbon and do not have urgency to renew your passport, we can contact you when the embassy undertakes an outreach visit to your region.  Please call and talk to us so we can take note of your details.

Do I also need to lodge an application for a Child Passport at the embassy?

All child passport applications must be lodged in person at the Embassy by a parent/person with parental responsibility for the child. A valid and original personal identity document of the person lodging the application must be presented as proof of identity. Minors under the age of 16 years are not required to attend the interview.

Is it necessary for me to book an appointment to lodge my form? 

Yes.  The Passport section at the Australian Embassy in Lisbon operates by appointments only, from Monday to Friday, 10.00am-12 noon and 2.00pm-4.00pm. 

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy, Portugal using SetMore

How long will it take for my passport to be issued?

The processing time for a passport is up to three weeks from the date of lodging.

If you have an urgent need to travel, please contact us.

What application form do I need?

There are two forms, PC7 or PC8.  Find out which form you require.  Once you know which form you are eligible for, please follow carefully the instructions for the respective form, PC7 or PC8.   We suggest your also consult the PC7 and PC8 checklists to ensure you have everything required for yoru interview.

Can I complete my application form online?

Yes, you can complete the form online at but you cannot lodge it.  Once the form is complete, you will need to print and bring the form to the interview.  Please follow the instructions on how to print your application form and ensure you sign within the signature box, as well as date the form.

Im completing a PC8 form, what type of identification documents do I need to present at interview and who can be my Referee?

These are the acceptable combinations of identification documents Personal Identity Documents (PIDs)
If your Refree is a non-Australian, please ensure they hold a profession from the approved list.  If you are unable to provide a Referee who has known you for at least 12 months, please contact the embassy. 

Do you accept certified copies of original documents?

No. You must provide all original documentation at the time of interview. There is no exception to this rule.

If your original documents are not in your possession, you can arrange for someone to present them on your behalf either at any Australian Embassy overseas or at any passport office in Australia. 

How do I reflect my name change in my new passport?

If you have changed your name since birth or citizenship, you must provide one of the following approved name change documents:

Born in Australia – a revised birth certificate, marriage certificate or name change certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state/territory where you were born or married.

Certificates issued by an Australian Marriage Celebrant or foreign marriage certificates are not acceptable for name change purposes.

Born overseas – a revised birth certificate or name change certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia OR an official name change document issued by the equivalent overseas authority. This includes official marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees or court orders for change of name.

Special note regarding marriage certificates: If you were born outside Australia and are changing your name due to marriage, please note we can only accept official certificates issued by the state or country where you were married, not by the marriage celebrant. Please check your certificate carefully to ensure it is not a ceremonial certificate you received on the day of the ceremony. Additionally, marriage certificates can only be used to evidence a change in your surname. If you wish to add/change your given names, you will need to provide separate name change document in addition to your marriage certificate.

Does my foreign document need to be translated?

You’ll need to get them translated in full and stamped by an approved translation service.

You don’t need a translation if your document is written in multiple languages and one of those languages is English.

What type of photos are required for the passport?

Australian passport photos are different to Portuguese standard passport photos so please check the information carefully before you submit your application.  It is important you follow the photo guidelines.

If you are the Lisbon and greater Lisbon area, we suggest the following photographers:

Fotografia Triunfo
Rua do Poco dos Negros, 69
1200 – 038 LISBON
Tel: +351 21 390 8926

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 8.30am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm.  Saturday 8.30am to 12pm.  Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

Instanta Fotografia
Av Fontes Pereira de Melo, 15-D
1050 – 115 LISBON
Tel: +351 21 314 4504

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 10am to 2.30pm and 3.30pm to 7pm.  Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Can I renew my passport before it expires?

Yes.  You can renew your passport at any time.

Will my new passport have the same number as my old passport?

No.  Your new passport will have a new number.

Can I get more pages added to my existing passport?

No. You must apply for a new passport if you have run out of visa pages.

What is the cost of a Passport and how can I pay?

Passport fees can be subject to change from month to month, pending exchange rate variations.  The embassy operates on the Euro currency. 

ALL passport applications lodged overseas incur an additional overseas fee.

We welcome ATM, MASTERCARD and VISA cards for passport payments.  You can also pay via bank transfer.

Will my old passport be returned to me?  I still have valid visas.

If your old passport is in good condition, it will be physically cancelled and returned to you. 

Do I have to enter Australia on an Australian passport?

If you are an Australian citizens, yes.  You are not entitled to a visa. The Department of Home Affairs provides information on travelling as a dual citizen.

My passport has been lost/stolen.  What do I do?

You need to contact us and report it.  You will also need to obtain a Police Report, as well as complete this form and bring it to your interview. 

If you need to travel urgently, you may be eligible to apply for an Emergency passport.

I may have lost my Australian Citizenship. How do I confirm my citizenship status?

All citizenship enquiries should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). DHA does not have an office in Portugal.  


Still have further questions?  Please contact us.