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How to renew an Australian passport PC7

How to renew an Australian Passport using a PC7 Form


Check that you are eligible to use this form to renew your passport.

The PC7 form cannot be used to renew a passport that has expired for more than three (3) years.  If you received a PC7, it is valid only until the date shown at the top of the form.

Before lodging your application:

•  Check that all pre-completed details on the form are correct.  If changes are needed to the name field or personal details in Section 2, you will need to contact the Embassy to obtain the extended Form PC8 or you can complete one online at

•  Check the pre-printed address at the top of the form.  If changes are needed to the address, neatly cross through the pre-printed address and write the correct address in black ink to the right.  This will be the address for delivery of the replacement passport.

•  Complete the remaining sections in BLACK INK and sign and date the form attesting that all the information is correct.

•  Obtain two recent colour photographs (not more than than six |6| months old and in full colour) that meet the size requirements stated on the form.  Please write your name neatly on the back of one photo in black ink pen.  A summary of photo specifications is on the form.  Please verify the passport photo guide you can print and take with you to the photographer.

How to lodge your application:

All passport applications MUST be lodged in person at the Australian Embassy in Lisbon.   No exceptions will be made regardless of where you reside in Portugal.  You can book an appointment online or contact us on (+351) 21 310 1500 or at [email protected].

Ensure you provide at interview:

•  The completed application renewal form, filled out in black ink.

•  Your previous passport (the number of which is recorded at the top left side of the application form).  This passport will be returned to you after being cancelled.

•  Two photographs, one with your full name written neatly on the back.

•  The processing fee, overseas surcharge* (and postal fee if you would like the Embassy to send your passport via registered mail).



*  ALL passport applications lodged overseas will incur an additional overseas surcharge fee.

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