Australian Embassy
Cabo Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau

PC8 Checklist

PC8 Form Checklist



1. Fully complete application form in black ink pen    
2. All supporting documents are original (with official translations if not in English)    

3. Proof of citizenship provided - Australian birth certificate or citizenship certificate

If you were born in Australia on/after 20 August 1986, you will be required to present additional documentation - please click here for further information

4. Foreign birth certificate (with official translation if not in English) for proof of gender and birth, place, plus name change documents for any name changes since birth - this applies to applicants born overseas only     
5. Proof of mother's maiden name - original birth or marriage certificate of your mother only if the maiden name is not shown on your birth certificate (with official translation if not in English)    
6. Name change documents provided if the name to go in your new passport is different from your Australian birth certificateo or Australian citizenship certificate name - please click here for further information on name change requirements    
7. Photos checked for size and quality    

8. Referee has written on the back of one photo "This is a true photo of 'applicant's full name' and sign underneath. Make sure that the referee's signature at the back of the photo is the same as shown in section 11 of the application form

NOTE: The referee must be contactable during working hours

9. No whiteout or alterations on signatures/dates at sections 11, 15, 17 and 18    

10. Correct payment - Please note that fees are adjusted on the 1st day of each month

NOTE: If you are aged 75 years or over, you have the option to use this form to apply for a 5 year validity passport for a reduced fee or for a 10 year validity passport for the normal passport fee

11. Previous expired or current Australian passports    
12. Application to be lodged, in person, at the Australian Embassy in Lisbon if you currently reside in Portugal    
13. Correct Combination of Personal Identity Documents provided    
14. Full birth certificate for child (with official translation if not in English) - the Embassy will not accept the Portuguese "Boletim de Nascimento" nor  copies or extracts of an Australian birth certificate and commemorative birth certificates are not acceptable    
15. Both parents have given consent at section 15    

16. Witness for both parents' consent must not be related nor living in the same household as either parent.

NOTE: Embassy staff cannot witness parents' consent

17. Lodging parent signed/dated declaration at section 17 (on behalf of child)    
18. Children aged 10 and over signed at section 18    
19. All original court orders issued in relation to the child provided (with official translation if not in English)    
20. Name change documentation for child provided if current name is different to birth name (with official translation if not in English)    
21. Name change documentation for parents provided if current names differ from child's birth certificate - e.g. marriage certificate for mother (with official translation if not in English)    
22. Personal identity document provided for the lodging parent - e.g. current passport/Portuguese identity document    


If you cannot answer "YES" to all items, please contact the Embassy for further information.