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Driver Licence

Australian Drivers Licence Requirements

 Use of Australian driver’s licences within Portugal

Holders of an Australian driver licence are able to drive in Portugal for a period of up to six months without an International Driving Licence. Should a holder wish to drive beyond the six month period, they are required to exchange their licences for a Portuguese licence with the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P. (IMTT). Otherwise, the holder may be subjected to heavy penalties (eg. approx. Eur 300). 

Exchanging an Australian Driver Licence for a Portuguese Licence

The Embassy does not issue declarations for persons holding a valid Australian Driver Licence.

You will need to directly contact the Motor Transport in the relevant State or Territory, requesting a "Licence History" certificate confirming you are the holder of a valid driver licence from the relevant State or Territory.

The certificate needs to include confirmation of the type and class of licence, when it was first issued and when it expires.

For ease and efficiency, you can request the relevant State/Territory driving authority to email directly to the Embassy an electronic copy of the certificate whereby we can authenticate.  The email is [email protected] 

The Embassy can still accept original certificates sent in the mail to provide authentication, subject to the seal and signature on the certificate being valid.

Click here for contact details of the State/Territory entity responsible for issuing drivers licences.

A consular fee is applicable to authenticate the certificate.  An additional fee will be applied for binding any pages attached to the original certificate.

The Embassy does not provide translation services. Should you require a translation of your Australian documents into Portuguese, please consult our List of Translators and Interpreters


  Important Information

  • Driver Licence certificates that do not contain a signature or seal, are ineligible for legalisation/authentication by the Embassy.  
  • The limited effect of legalisation is to certify the authenticity of the signature. Legalising does NOT relate to the content of the underlying document itself.
  • Electronically issued certificates must be emailed directly to the embassy at [email protected]  by the Australian driving licence authority for the embassy to authenticate. 
  • When enquiring with the local Portuguese Licencing authority (IMTT) about exchanging your Australian driver licence for a Portuguese licence, we suggest you present these documents (Document A and Document B) to facilitate the process.
  • These documents explain the Australian Government's procedures for legalising certificates and each respective class of licence.

Use of foreign driving licences within Australia

Temporary Visitors to Australia are permitted to drive subject to their current licence being issued in English.

If the licence issued in the country of permanent residence is not issued in English, the visitor will also need to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) at all times while driving. A visitor will then be permitted to drive a vehicle of the type or class to which the licence is applicable.

If you hold a current Portuguese driving licence and require to drive in Australia while on holidays, please contact the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P. (IMT) to enquire on how to obtain an International driving licence. 

Renewal of Driver Licence

Australian Embassies and Consulates do not renew driver licences.

You will need to contact the relevant State Government Licence issuing Authority in Australia and obtain information on renewing your licence while residing overseas. 

Please note that should you require your renewal forms and anay ID documents to be witnessed by a Consular Officer, you will need to contact us and make an appointment.