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Lawyers Algarve

List of Portuguese lawyers conversant in English in the Algarve area

The names and contact details of lawyers practising in Portugal and appearing below has been complied by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) from publicly available information.  DFAT does not endorse any of the lawyers appearing on this list, provides no guarantees as to its currency and does not accept any liability if you choose to engage one of these lawyers to provide legal services.

Edge International Lawyers
Dra Isabel Olazabal Ferreira
Avenida Jose Santos Farias, 137- A
8135-167 Almancil
Tel: +351 289 895420

Rua Dr. Jose Francisco Tello Queiroz, Lote 3, Loja R
8600-707 Lagos
Tel/Fax: + 351 282 038 678
Emails: [email protected][email protected]

Areas of Practice: Commercial/corporate, investiment, private clients, international, conveyancing, labour, tax and litigation, immigration, golden visas and non-permanent resident.

Spoken languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.


Eduardo Serra Jorge & Maria José Garcia  – Sociedade de Advogados RL 
Rua José de Matos, 5 R/C 
8000-503 Faro
Tel: +351 289 829 326 or 213 845 390
Fax: +351 289 829 327 
Mobile: +351 93 3357356 
Email: [email protected] 

Areas of practice: Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil Law (Contracts, Family Law, Wills and other Inheritance Proceedings) Banking and Finance, Labor and Employment Law, Administrative and Environment Law, Real Estate, Construction and Planning Law, Gaming and Betting Law, International and Foreign Investment, Taxation, Communications Law, Litigation (Civil and Criminal) and Arbitration, Publishing.

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.


Rosado Lawyers - Prof. Dr. Pedro Bastos Rosado
Rua Direita, 43, 4º
8500-624 Portimão

Rua do Barranco, Edifício Aurorasol, Bloco 1, Loja B
8400-508 Carvoeiro - Lagoa

Rua José Afonso, Lote 23, Loja B
8600-601 Lagos

Rua de Santo António, nº 1 A, 2º andar
8000-283 Faro

Tel: +351 282 420 000
Mobile: +351 919 830 193
Email: [email protected]

Areas of practice: Property law and property conveyance, taxation and non-habitual residency, wills and probate, golden visa, contracts.

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Veronica Pisco – Law Office
Av Almirante Mendes Cabecadas (old street name "Estrada de Vale de Lobo")
CX.P. 530-A
Vale de Lobo
8135-018 Almancil    

Rua Almeida Garrett, Urb. Horta da Fábrica nº2
R/C Dto – Fracção “A”
8800-676 Tavira

Lagoa Business Center, Rua Coronel Figueiredo
8400-306 Lagoa

Tel:  +351 289 358 382
Fax:  +351 289 358 382
Mobile:  +351 968 919 049 or +351 914 219 745 or +351 96 692 0733
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Areas of practice: Conveyance; Tax Law and Tax Representation; Real Estate and Construction Law; Corporate and Commercial Law; Family and Inheritance Law; Public Law; Civil and Criminal Law; Bank and Finance Law; Litigation, Offshore companies/ investment.

Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.


Ivo Belchior Dias & Marisa Mendonça - Sociedade de Advogados SP, RL
Avenida 5 de Outubro, 32
8000-076 Faro
Tel: 289 887 140
Mobile: +351 96 910 0962
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Areas of practice: Family law (including inheritance cases), property law, corporate law, litigation, criminal law, employment law, tax law and business strategy

Languages spoken: Portuguese and English


Spencer Dohner, Catia Martins & Vanda Matos
Largo de Sao Luis nr 11c, 4º Dto
8000-143 FARO
Tel: +351 289 102 946
Mobile: +351 934 229 144
Email:  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Areas of practice: Specializations and experience are in Real estate assistance, Property conveyance, Immigration, Investment Law, criminal law, Civil law, including contracts, family and heritages, real estate and tort, commercial law, including business and corporate, banking, insurance, finance and investment, employment law, tax law, intellectual and industrial property, tourism law, collection of debts.

Languages spoken: English and French 


Dra. Nélia Faisca, Dr. Eurico Alves - Sociedade de Advogados
Ave. 5 de Outubro, 244 – 1st Floor 
8135-103 ALMANCIL
Tel: +351 289 359 230 / +351 289 359 231
Fax: +351 289 359 239
Email: [email protected]

Areas of Practice:  All areas of the Law and real estate conveyance, mortgage, commercial law and non-permanent residence

Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish


Dr. Fernando Pimenta Almeida Borges
Rua Salgueiro Maia, Lote 8, Office I
Apartado 128
8601-902 LAGOS
Tel: +351 282 760 450
Mobile: +351 96 902 5796
Fax: +351 282 760 216
Email: [email protected]

Areas of Practice: All different matters of the civil, administrative and criminal Law, Civil litigation, Civil and Commercial law, Conveyance of properties and investments, Criminal litigation and administrative and fiscal litigation, Contracts.

Spoken languages: Portuguese, English and French.


Dr. João Aires de Goes
Rua João de Deus, 16
8300-163 SILVES
Tel: +351 282 442 401
Fax: +351 282 442 913
Email:  [email protected]

Areas of Practice:  Family and general legal areas, such as civil, commercial, fiscal, business and investment support to both domestic and foreign entities.

Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and can deal with other languages requiring translation services.


 Last reviewed September 2021