Australian Embassy
Cabo Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau

Direct Aid Program

Direct Aid Program (DAP) – Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Principe

The Australian Embassy in Lisbon coordinates a small grants scheme for Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Sao Tome and Principe.

What is the Direct Aid Program?

The DAP is a small grants scheme designed to help individuals, community groups, national or international NGOs, academic institutions, museums and other nonprofit organizations working in development at the community level, in areas such as poverty reduction, education, sanitation basic, health, human rights, rural development, gender equality and nature conservation. The DAP operates through around 60 Australian overseas missions in over 130 countries.

Project eligibility: Projects must have a tangible developmental outcome for a specific disadvantaged group of people. Priority will be given to proposals that alleviate poverty, contribute to skills build, address women’s issues, and the needs of children, youth and other disadvantaged groups. Eligible activities are also those than can be implemented over a short period of time, approximately six months.

DAP funds cannot be used for items such as: salaries, purchase of property (including vehicles, land, or a building), rent, electricity charges, transport, office running costs, micro-credit schemes, commercial ventures or cash donations. Funds are also generally not used for building or construction purposes.