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Criminal Check AUS

How to obtain a police check from Australia

Australians citizens or Australian residents abroad often need police checks for such purposes as court proceedings, residency permits or overseas employment.

Under the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Embassy in Lisbon cannot obtain confidential information on behalf of Australian citizens or Australian residents from any Australian police force.

As a result, a person seeking a police check from Australia must apply and obtain this information directly from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra. The AFP issue National Police Checks which cover all Australian states and territories.

For information on the various types of police checks and on how to apply, please contact the AFP (see below). Also, we highly recommend that you confirm with the requesting local Portuguese authority the exact nature of the check required.

Finally, a National Police Check issued by the AFP will be required to bear the Apostille of the Hague before it will be accepted by local authorities. The Apostille of the Hague can only be obtained in Australia.

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