Australian Embassy
Cabo Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau


Mailed-in Adult Renewal Passport Applications (PC7)

Information for Customers

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Do I send my current passport with the renewal application?


2.  How will I know if/when my application has been received at post? 

Unless you are contacted directly about your passport application and have acknowledgement of payment in your bank records is confirmation your application has been received.

3.  What if I need to travel urgently, but already mailed in my renewal application? 

Please contact the embassy where you posted your application to discuss options.


4.  Will the embassy post my new passport to me?

Your new passport will be posted to the postal address provided on your passport renewal application form (PC7). If your circumstances have since changed, please contact the embassy where you mailed your application to discuss alternative options.

5.  What if I cannot access the online portal to complete and print my PC7 renewal application

Contact your nearest Australian embassy to request a pre-filled PC7 renewal form can be emailed to you.